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Team motivations:

Participating in the 24h with a team is an opportunity to meet a demanding challenge, to take part in an event that arouses a host of emotions, to forge enduring bonds, to push your own limits… but above all, it is a chance to make a real difference in the lives of thousands of children.

Most of us cannot really imagine the challenges these children face – be it a dealing with a disease or special needs – every day of their lives. Our challenge pales in comparison: just 24 short hours of effort and fun… all for a wonderful cause.

We appeal to your generosity to help us reach our fundraising goal, which ultimately translates into a goal of support to children.

You can do your part! Even the smallest donation will fill you with the feeling of having done something to make a difference in the lives of these children.

Team captain: Dominique Ferron
Category: Ouvert

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Philippe Dadour
250.00 CAD
50.00 CAD
Bon courage et félicitations pour ton engagement
Anne laure
25.00 CAD
On est avec toi Pauline!
Generous donor
Donateur généreux
100.00 CAD
Ton chum est fier de toi !
Tremblant Living
50.00 CAD
Félicitations pour votre participation ! En vous souhaitant un superbe séjour à Mont-Tremblant !


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