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Participating in the 24h with a team is an opportunity to meet a demanding challenge, to take part in an event that arouses a host of emotions, to forge enduring bonds, to push your own limits… but above all, it is a chance to make a real difference in the lives of thousands of children.

Most of us cannot really imagine the challenges these children face – be it a dealing with a disease or special needs – every day of their lives. Our challenge pales in comparison: just 24 short hours of effort and fun… all for a wonderful cause.

We appeal to your generosity to help us reach our fundraising goal, which ultimately translates into a goal of support to children.

You can do your part! Even the smallest donation will fill you with the feeling of having done something to make a difference in the lives of these children.

Team captain: Tristan Bordeleau-St-Cyr
Category: Ouvert

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Stéphane Hébert
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Let’s go, lâcher pas! Bon ski.
Karine D.
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Bon ski Anthony!
Francois D
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Go go!
Isabelle Lauziere
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Etienne L
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Go Aon! Le 24H me manque toujours un peu à cette période de l'année.


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