Sens Foundation Ski 2018

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Team motivations:

The Sens Foundation is a proud recipient of support and long-time partner of the 24h Tremblant.  We invest proceeds from the 24h Tremblant into in our local community. We fund programs that support children and youth and their families in the areas of healthcare, social recreation and education. Specifically, funds are directed to Roger Neilson House and Sens Camperships.

We understand the needs and challenges that so many families have to manage on a daily basis. As a team, our group of skiers are like-minded in our desire to give back and to do so through a sport that unites us.  

Our team is returning once again to 24h Tremblant with plans to raise more money, raise awareness of the important programs we support and to celebrate the start of the ski season.  

Thank you for your donations and be assured that every dollar matters and is handled responsibly and with integrity. 


Team captain: Jonathan Bodden
Category: Open

Sponsored child

Henry Alexander

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Way to go!
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You’re doing a good thing out there guys.


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