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Erin Hall

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My motivations: 

This will be my 4th Tremblant 24hr ski race and I keep coming back every year because it's such a rewarding event for a great cause. It turns what is mostly an individual sport (ski racing) into a team bonding event. Together we accomplish the great feat of skiing for 24hrs straight, as fast as possible - turning is optional ;-)

We also get to interact with many of the kids this event benefits, whether it's in gondolla or in and around the village.

Please consider supporting me and my team with a donation as we hurl ourselves down the mountain as fast as possible with the goal of benefiting kids charities through the Ottawa Senator's Foundation.

Many thanks! 

OVER $28,000,000 RAISED SINCE 2001 

In 2017,  80% of donations were given back to beneficiary foundations.