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Team SENS ARMY is back for our seventh year of supporting 24HR Tremblant.  The team consists of Ottawa Senators employees from the Ticket Sales & Service department, who are here to support the overall cause and The Senators Foundation (one of the partners and recipients for this event).  Together, the Senators & The Senators Foundation have given back over $100M to the Ottawa/Gatineau community since our inception in 1992.  Events like 24HR Tremblant provide us with the opporutnity to raise funds and "pay it forward" in our community.

Thank you for your support of our team!

Chris Atack (Team Captain)

Capitaine de l'équipe: Chris Atack
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VIP Team
Volet/Catégorie: /Ouvert
Dossard / team number 146

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Dennis Lebert
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Good luck
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Love you BFF
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Hope you are keeping warm and setting land speed records - I expect screenshots of the speed APP to prove it :)
Colette Deslières
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Bonne chance


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