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Redbirds helped the foundation of Tremblant in 1928, children are so important in the growth and development of our community. By participating in 24Hrs of Tremblant, a fundraising event to benefit chidren, we can help children grow to young adults. This event advances their GOOD HEALTH and improves their chances to contribute to our society. Join us by making a generous contribution.

Capitaine de l'équipe: Chris Edgell
Type d'équipe: Équipe régulière
Catégorie: Ouvert
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Jeff Tory
500.00 CAD
I hope it went well.
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The Chellews
100.00 CAD
Good job! Great to have you as part of the team.
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Doug Holmes
100.00 CAD
thanks for skiing in the middle of the night
25.00 CAD
Ski Heil from the Red Birds Ski Club!
Portrait de Denis Thomas
Denis Thomas
100.00 CAD
Well done again, hopefully next year I will join the team


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