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The Shuffling SENS is a team of energetic Ottawa Senators Hockey Club & Foundation staff, friends and supporters in temrs of our committment to community. Always motivated by a fun challenge, this group of people will stroll, walk, and run the snow covered paths throughout the Tremblant village and surrounding areas from noon on Sat., Dec. 8 to noon on Sun. Dec. 9, in a team relay event. Our efforts are the FUN in fundraising rather than the collective distance we'll travel as a team. Any support you can provide to the team orits individual members will be greatly appreciated.  

Capitaine de l'équipe: Danielle Robinson
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Philippe Hebert
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Congratulations Kristen for taking such a challenge while giving back to kids health
Sharon Bosley House
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Awesome job Danielle!
Generous donor
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Christine Wilson
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The MacLeods
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Good luck!!


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