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The Ottawa Senators Foundation is committed to strengthening our community - starting with children and youth and ensuring their mental and physical well-being.  Our programs are focused on enabling and empowering children and youth to reach their full potential by breaking down barriers and providing access to recreation, education and healthcare.  

We believe that all kids deserve to be happy, heatlhy and given the opportunities to be active and engaged. 

Last year alone, more than 60,000 children and youth were positively impacted by programs funded by the Senators Foundation; The 24h Tremblant is an important and significant partner that contributed to our financial investments in community initiatives and programs which include: 

-Roger Neilson House

-Sens Camperships

-Centre Pediatrie Sociale de Gatineau

-Sens RINKs

-Sens Sports & Leadership League

Our Sens Foundation Ski Team is a group of friends that believe in giving back.  We participate in the 24h Tremblant because we are skiers that know how to have fun but moreover, we recognize our role and responsibility to our community and believe that supporting kids is the right thing to do.  Please join us on this campaign and donate what you can and know with 100% assurance that your donation will be investedin a meaningful and responsible way that will make a difference in our community.

Thank you | Merci 

and Bon 24h!



Capitaine de l'équipe: Jonathan Bodden
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