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Motivations de l'équipe :

The Divas are ready and committed again this year to make a difference  in the lives of sick & underpriviledged children in our community.

Together as a team during this 24H  event we will dig deep when needed to step up to this challenge as we are so inpired by the children benefitting from our efforts!

THANK YOU  for encouraging us and for supporting the sick children.

Special thank you to Spa Diva ( downtown https://spadiva.ca/)  & Spa Prisma ( Kirkland) for their support & generous donations to our raffle! 

GO TEAM Divas GO ! 

Determined/Inspired/Victorious/Active/Sympathetic to the cause…

Déterminée/Inspirée/Victorieuse/Active/Sympathique à la cause…




Capitaine de l'équipe: Gillian Donvito
Catégorie: Women

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Tellement cool Mart!!! Bravo!!!!
Marc et Marie France
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Go Divas! Go Gillian! Terrifc cause.


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