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Darka and Darius
300.00 CAD
Go tato go!
25.00 CAD
Bravo Nick! Bon 24h!
Sean Downey
100.00 CAD
Congratulations Nick - a wonderful cause and I wish you and your team luck this year!
Sotiria Paleos
50.00 CAD
Cathy Hiscott
50.00 CAD
Have fun for this wonderful cause
100.00 CAD
I like the pacifier idea too.
Georgia Paleos
100.00 CAD
Have a great 24h and thanks for helping those in need:)
bake sale
41.80 CAD
Oleh Kaluzny
100.00 CAD
I don't think you need a helmet when you do this walk, but I will double my donation if you do it with a pacifier!
Martine Ste-Marie
100.00 CAD
Bravo pour ton implication. Bon 24h!
50.00 CAD
Good luck my friend!