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Irina Stefanescu

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Mes motivations: 

Dear friends and colleagues
There are many little things put together that motivated me to participate to 24h Tremblant, just as I hope that our little efforts put together will make a difference in the lives of children growing with serious illness and help them overcome.
I am humbled and honored at the same time to be part of a group of people coming together with love and determination to bring hope to those in need.
Please be part of our team by donating for these causes. Your gesture is not for me and not for us, it is for the kids in need. No donation is too small or too insignificant, your contribution is valuable.
Yours grateful
Irina Stefanescu

Plus de 28 000 000 $ depuis 2001

Tous les profits sont remis à trois grandes fondations
pour la cause des enfants.

Fondation Centre de cancérologie Charles-Bruneau
Fondation des Sénateurs d'Ottawa
Fondation Tremblant