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Ma collecte de dons pour 24h de ski / of skiing 2017

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The Ottawa Senators Foundation provides the resources and opportunities for kids in our community to be able to reach their full potential. We fund programs in the focus areas of social recreation, education and healthcare that similarly promote both physical and mental health. We believe every kid deserves the right to be active and engaged and have a full and happy life growing up.
My family is very fortunate. I grew up in a supportive and loving home with access to a great education and exposure to every sport and recreational activity. My kids are healthy and active and have these same opportunities. Sadly, this is not the norm. One in five kids living in Ottawa-Gatineau do not have access or the resources to any extra-curricular activities. And increasingly, the demands for specialized healthcare services, like those offered at Roger Neilson House, are on the rise as are the costs.
That's why I am participating in the 24h Tremblant and that's why I am asking for your support. Monies raised will enable the Ottawa Senators Foundation to continue funding programs like "Sens Summer Camperships", Roger Neilson House, Sens@School and the many initiatives that will make the lives of kids in our community a little easier.
Thank you,

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