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Keely Storr

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Mes motivations: 

I will be participating in the Mt Tremblant 24 Hour walk/run relay to raise money for several children's charities, but the one that is close to my heart is the Sens Foundation which supports Rogers House. Rogers House is a pediatric residential hospice.

I was introduced to Rogers House through a family I met from daycare. They had a daughter in the same year as my oldest son. As we became better friends, I had the privilege of meeting their older son. He had several medical conditions and very complex medical needs. It has now been almost one year since we lost that special boy who introduced me to several families with children with complex needs and have seen, first hand, what Rogers House has done for both their families and his own. In honour of that little boy, I am participating in this event in the hopes that the support systems that are vital to the care of these fragile children, can continue on. Please consider sponsoring me in support of this amazing facility.


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