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Liz Hong-Farrell

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Ma collecte de dons pour 24h de marche et de course / walk and run 2017

500 $objectif
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630 $dons amassés
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Mes motivations: 

I am taking part in the Tremblant 24h Relay again this year to celebrate my birthday!!

Help me reach, and surpass, my fundraising goal! This is a great event, which has made a huge difference in the lives of sick, underprivileged or special-needs children for years.

The work of these organizations supported by Tremblant 24h would not be possible without the kindness of thousands of donors. And that's why I am asking for your support, and appealing to your generosity, to give to this deserving cause!


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From Clark, JS, Maria and Jessica
80.00 CAD
Tanya Tulus
50.00 CAD
Good luck tomorrow,
40.00 CAD
Go liz!
20.00 CAD
Thanks Liz for doing this!
20.00 CAD
Gimmie an L - L!! - Gimmie an I - I!! - Gimmie a Z - Z!! .. GOOOO LIZ!!!!!!!!!

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