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Marcus Enns

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Mes motivations: 

I've particpated in the Tremblant 24h with Brookfield for the last eight years. This is an extremely impressive event that raises a very meaningful amount of money for sick, underprivileged and special-needs children in the region.

The Tremblant 24h provides financial support of three foundations: The Fondation Centre de cancérologie Charles-Bruneau, the Ottawa Senators Foundation, and the Tremblant Foundation. It is inspiring to know that our efforts translate into real changes in the lives of the children touched by these organizations. None of this would have been possible without the kindness of thousands of donors. And that’s why I am asking for your support, to give to this deserving cause.


Plus de 28 000 000 $ depuis 2001

Tous les profits sont remis à trois grandes fondations
pour la cause des enfants.

Fondation Centre de cancérologie Charles-Bruneau
Fondation des Sénateurs d'Ottawa
Fondation Tremblant