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Martine Ahier

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My husband and I have been participating in the 24 hours of Tremblant for 6 years now! Under the ski event, or the cycling one in the summer, we always wanted to support this great cause that is to improve lives of children.

This year has been a highly emotional one for us! We learned that we were expecting our 2nd daughter and that made us very proud and happy! It also made us realize of our chance of having a healthy daughter already and to get a chance to have a 2nd one with a healthy pregnancy this time is a real blessing!

2016 was also a year where we faced the hard reality of illness. In June of this year, we met with Mika, who had just been diagnosed with incurable cancer…. At age of 4…. With Groupe Montoni, we participated at realizing one of his dream to drive and control a power shovel! You know that kind of day where you really feel the strength and power of love in a family… That kind of day that changes the way you look at your own life and realize how lucky you are. Well, unfortunately, Mika lost his battle on October 7th of this year… he had just turned 5.

So, it is with even more compassion that we are seeking support this year… Because all 3 foundations supported by the 24 hours of Tremblant are aiming for a better life for children. More researches for the hope of avoiding Mika’s destiny for other children, but also more money for meals at underprivileged schools and more support to ensure children’s confidence in themselves.

Hopefully, you can join us in our journey with Groupe Montoni, participating with 2 teams this year. A walking team and a ski team will be joining forces for kids!

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