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Nathan Boettcher

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Ma collecte de dons pour 24h de ski / of skiing 2017

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Mes motivations: 

This will be my second year participating in the Tremblant 24hr race. Last year, with the support of family and friends, our team managed to raise just over $3000 for a 10 year old unprivileged child name Rafi. Not only did we raise that much money, we also placed 15th out of 250 ski/snowboard teams in the race. Our team is determined to go above and beyond in supporting a great cause.

This year, I decided to become actively involved in this charity event whose mission is to help children in need. The Tremblant 24h has made a huge difference in the lives of sick, underprivileged or special-needs children for years.

We are all affected by the plight of children. It is so satisfying and inspiring to know that our efforts translate into real changes in their lives.

My parents were fortunate to have raised a healthy family of four kids. We were provided every opportunity because of the love and care they have given us. I am hoping to fundraise for 24hr Tremblang to give the same opportunities I was fortunate enough to receive as a kid.

Everyone who knows me, knows that I work in a children's home with clients who are diagnosed with ASD as well as other mental and behavioural disroders. I'm hoping that participating and fundraising in the 24hr Tremblant will not only raise funding but will also raise awareness to mental Illness. Everyone is affected by mental illness whether directly or indirectly. It's important to talk about mental illness and to provide funding and opportunities for anyone affected by mental illness.

None of this would have been possible without the kindness of thousands of donors. And that’s why I am asking for your support, and appealing to your generosity, to give to this deserving cause.

Thank you for taking your time to read about my story and motivations. Please feel free to donate... even if it is 1$... or share my post to help support a great cause.

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Nicky and ken Laperle
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From ken and Nicky! Go nathan!!
Shannon and Jason
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Awesome work Nathan!
Forrest (the knight who said beach!)
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Go Nathan!

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