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Scott McDonach

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Mes motivations: 

This year I've decided to ski for the 24h Tremblant Ski Team whose goal is to raise funds and support children in need. Our Champlain Bridge team will be skiing a relay for 24 hours straight in the cold. We are supporting Mia, a 4 year old with acute lymphoblastic leukemia who needs constant medical attention just to enjoy being a kid. The race will be tough but I`m determined to finish for a great cause! Help support Mia and the other children in need by sponsoring my ski!

Plus de 28 000 000 $ depuis 2001

Tous les profits sont remis à trois grandes fondations
pour la cause des enfants.

Fondation Centre de cancérologie Charles-Bruneau
Fondation des Sénateurs d'Ottawa
Fondation Tremblant